Coming soon to a theater near you…. but, first, read the book!

 Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.  The Bourne Legacy.  Have you seen the trailers for these movies?

 Well, they are based on some pretty good books that are available at your Southfield Public Library.  Come on in and check them out.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer is by  Seth Grahame-Smith.  He’s the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and one of the creative forces behind the movie Dark Shadows.  In his latest book,  he weaves historical fact, American folklore and a great imagination as he relates the story behind Lincoln’s encounters with  a band of vampires determined to make the country their own.

While the task of continuing the Bourne stories has fallen to a new author, Eric Lustbader, the tradition of heart pounding action continues in The Bourne Legacy While David Webb, aka Jason Bourne, has found a peaceful life as a respected college professor, he suddenly finds himself fighting for his life as he becomes the target of an assassin and of the CIA who believes that he has gone rogue.


What movie are YOU looking forward to seeing this summer?  Is it based on a book?


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