Where did the summer go?

Those last few weeks of summer rushed by – so fast I didn’t have a minute to write! 

So, here’s what’s been happening the last little bit…..

Did you know September is                            National Library Card Month?  I know you must have one, but be sure to encourgage others to get theirs!


   I’ve been reading some early science fiction/fantasy titles – this week it has been A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice  Burroughs and   Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.  Both are from the early 1900’s and both take a look at how man deals with an “alien” society, whether that society might be Martians or an undiscovered country of women, right here on Earth.    I’ve been taking a free class through Coursera.org on Science Fiction and Fantasy throughout the centuries.  It has been a great way to finally get to reading some titles that have always been on my “to-read” list.

What book have  you always meant to read and just haven’t gotten around to yet?  And yes, I know, that list is long!

Happy Reading.







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