The Countdown to the Election is on…..

From satire to suspense, you’re sure to find something on this list to vote in favor of,  no matter your political persuasion.


The Ambition  Book Cover
Lee Strobel
Chicago, the Mob, dirty judges, a slick reporter and a crooked Senate race build up to a page turning treat.



Dead Heat  Book Cover
Joel Rosenberg
A plot to assassinate one of the presidential candidates is uncovered… but which one?  And can it be stopped in time?



Hartsburg, USABook Cover
David Mizner
A school board race turns ugly, dividing a small town into warring factions.



It Can’t Happen HereBook Cover
Sinclair Lewis
Written in 1939, Lewis takes a look at how easily a nation can be taken unaware.


The LibrarianBook Cover
Larry Beinhart
How can a meek and mild librarian be caught up in a conspiracy to steal the presidency?


Power BrokerBook Cover
Stephen Frey
A man is tapped to be the running mate of the first African American presidential candidate and  someone is out to expose his secrets.


Scandal PlanBook Cover
Bill Folman
A candidate goes to outrageous lengths to endear himself to the public


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