Movie Night!

With the holidays over and the weather getting colder, are you looking for some great romance movies for a girls night in? Well, get the popcorn popped and take some advice from librarian Kelly for some great choices in films.

Amelie – the best quirky romantic movie ever that will have you looking for garden gnomes and loving accordion music.

American President – an unrealistic circumstance but a great romance that has you rooting for a politician.

Before Sunrise – watch two strangers fall in love as they walk around Vienna for a once in a lifetime evening.

Chocolat – the french fantasy and chocolate come together with candy for the eyes and ears come alive.  Have some chocolate to pair with the movie to enhance it even more.

Once – a chance meeting and falling in love around music.  Give this underrated movie a chance.

The Philadelphia Storysee Katherine Hepburn and Gary Grant fall for each other in this classic romance and comedy as the rich socialite finds out another side of life as she travels around with a reporter.


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