Music To Soothe Your Soul!

Music that soothes the soul

 “When my mind is free
You know a melody can move me.
When I’m feelin’ blue
The guitar is comin’ through to soothe me…
Thanks for the joy that you’re giving me.
I want you to know I believe in your song.
Rhythm and rhyme and harmony;
You’ve helped me along,
Making me strong….OH!…
Gimme the beat boys to free my soul,
I wanna get lost in your rock ‘n roll and drift away…”

 Do those lyrics resonate with you? They sure do with me! Maybe there have been plenty of times where you have been angry or upset or tense, and have reached for that perfect song or CD that alleviates those feelings and brings you to a place of calm. There are so many songs that do that for me, so I can understand if it’s classical music, soft rock, or even rap that does it for you. Sometimes when I’ve had a rough day, I like hard rock! Shocking, I know!

I’ve cultivated a list of artists, organized alphabetically by genre and then by CD title, that we have here in the library that may do all that and more. Just be prepared for goose bumps, sudden urges to sing along, or unexpected tranquility and peace. This is definitely not a complete list, so please feel free to share your own “go-to” song, artist, or CD; I’d definitely like to hear about it!

And if you don’t see something in our catalog that you’d like to hear, if you’re a resident of Southfield or Lathrup Village, we may be able to request it for you from a participating library in our network!



            Favorite Beethoven sonatas

            The 9 symphonies


            The piano concertos

George Gershwin

            The essential George Gershwin


            Mozart: symphonies nos. 35, 36, 38, 39-41

Yo-Yo Ma

            Songs of joy & peace

            Yo-Yo Ma plays the music of John Williams


Vince Gill

            When I call your name


Ella Fitzgerald

            Ella Fitzgerald [sings] the George and Ira Gershwin songbook

Kenny G

            Heart and soul

            Greatest hits

Louis Armstrong

            20 best of Louis Armstrong

Ray Charles

            The best of Ray Charles the Atlantic years

Tony Bennett

            Duets an American classic

 New Age



Jim Brickman

            Beautiful world


            Devotion the best of Yanni


Moody Blues

            The best of the Moody Blues


            M C M X C a. D.


Amy Grant

            Age to age


John Williams

            John William’s Greatest hits


            Soft and soothing moods

            Celtic Women


Happy Listening! 



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