Everyone’s lucky on St. Patrick’s Day





You just might find a hidden  treasure in one of these books….

Tananarive Due
Living blood
A widow with a young daughter has to protect her young daughter  when her strange powers attract the attention of some evil beings.

David R. Gillham
City of women

Taking on the guise of the ideal German wife, a woman risks it all to hide a Jewish family from the Nazis

Bonnie Glover
Going down South
Set in the 1960’s,  teenager Olivia finds herself pregnant and whisked away from New York by her mother down South to live with her estranged grandmother.

Jaimy Gordon
Lord of Misrule
You’ll find yourself immersed in the shadier side of horse racing in this National Book Award winner. 

Dave King
The Ha-Ha
A traumatized Vietnam vet who cannot speak finds himself taking care of an angry adolescent who never gets heard. 

And, of course,  a tale set in Ireland….

Patrick Taylor
An Irish Country Doctor
Step back in time and onto the lovely Emerald isle as you follow the trials and triumphs of a young doctor finding his place in a small village.




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