Earth Day 2013

Can you believe that  the very first
Earth Day was April 22, 1970? 

 If you are looking for something to do this year, check out this list for Southeast Michigan events and this list for some events in Detroit proper.

And, if you’re in the mood for some books and movies, here are some to help provide some food for thought….

No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, in both book and movie form, covers his quest to go off the grid for a year – using no electricity, creating no trash, burning no gasoline!  He then shares how the rest of us can lessen our own impact on the earth.

You are Here by Thomas Kostigan shows how the direct relationship between our actions and the earth is too often ignored. But the seemingly insignificant things we do every day have the power to literally alter the landscape in the ongoing battle to resuscitate the planet.

50 Plus One Tips For Going Green by Alice Smith passes along what the experts tell you about how to accomplish simple, basic green tasks without hassle and a great deal of expense.

An Inconvenient Truth  is based on the book by Al Gore and delves into global warming and its consequenses.

Samasara, a DVD,  is a wonder-filled trip through the splendors of our beautiful planet.

Don’t forget that everytime you borrow a library item, you are recycling!


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