Witches are the new zombies…..

According to an Entertainment Weekly article, there’s a “coven craze” coming to to movies and television. (Summer Movie Double Issue, 2013).

They’ve listed movies such as Oz The Great And Powerful, The Lords of Salem and Seventh Son as proof.

There have been a fair amount of new book titles with witches as central characters. Here’s a few that are sure to charm you!

Deborah Harkness has the first two parts of her trilogy ready to read.
A Discovery of Witches is the first and Shadow of Night follows.  In them, Diana Bishop, the last of a line of powerful witches, prefers academia over magic but she soon finds herself entangled in a war between witches, daemons and vampires!

Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz is the first in a series, as well.  A mother and her two daughters are living a quiet life on Long Island but they harbor a secret… they are witches, banned from using their powers.  But when strange things start plaguing their town, they know they have to use those powers to keep the town safe.

Circle of Five by Dolores Riccio introduces us to a group of women  with special powers.  But, in their attempt to solve and prevent murders, they find themselves in danger.  A bit of humor lightens the creepy feel of this book, according to reviews.

The After Wife by Lexi Davis finds Nia trying to find love, but everytime she comes close to it, strange things happen to drive Mr. Right away.  The problem is that Nia is not an ordinary girl but a powerful witch’s daughter pledged to a demon!

Janet Evanovich’s contribution to this witchy world is a series that begins with  Wicked Appetite.   Lizzy Tucker has a bakery in Salem, Massachusetts but soon finds herself caught up in a frenzied hunt for ancient relics.

Happy Reading!


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